Meeting With My Teacher Episode II

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Jan 2, 2010 21:55
I have not to see my senior high school teacher for such a long time.
Every year, I always call him to say hello to him and his wife.
I have visited his home for many times when I need his valued directions.
To me, he is not only a teacher but also a good friend.
I can share him my trouble and feeling I don't dare to share with my family.
This time, I have some trouble in love and my job.
I would like him to give me another thinking way since his advice is always jumping than others.

I admit that before, I can't accept his advice as some of them are too radical.
This time, I would like to find a job but it is very messy in my mind.
I am not a brave guy to stride forward so I called him to have an appointment with him.

Just like what I wrote in a last episode, I never be taught by him.
Nevertheless, I like to talk to him.
We knew each other via my friend.
When we were grade one in senior high, we were in the same class.
But when we were grade two, we were dispatched in different class.
I was dispatched in a class which focused on studying math, physics and chemistry.
My friend's homeroom teacher is him.

The teacher's motto is , " I am a physical challenger. I can do it. How come you can do it. You are sound people."
When a student slept in his class, he would throw his cane to the student.
He is a very positive in front him.
Once when he changed his cane to a new one, my friend asked, " Can we see it?"
The teacher responded, " For sure, you can take it to fight."

Here is a very impressive image in my mind:
He liked to say jokes in class but once a student stood up to say, " The joke sucks!"
The teacher replied," Fuck you! If you feel that it's boring, you show me a funny one."

Another story is below:
Once a student had slept too many times in his class, he walked by him and patted him to say, " Don't jerk off too much last night."

Yes, he is a very open-minded teacher.
That's why there is no gap between us.