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Dec 21, 2009 22:26
Before you buy anything, don't forget to shop around.
Last Friday, I went to my friend house.
This house was bought by him half an year ago so it is still pretty new.
The capacity of the house is not very big since pricing here is very high.
Nevertheless, it is very warm and sweet.
He lives with his girlfriend. Their decorated their house together.
The decor of it is super fashion, fancy, fantastic and fabulous.
They could shop around for a whole day just to buy a sofa.

I like their furniture. it is a foldable sofa.
When customers need to stay over for a night, they can pull out the sofa and disassemble it.
Eventually, it could become a bed.

There are a lot of cupboards and shelves pinned to their walls.
But if you just walk by, you will miss them since their designer use magic to hide them.

Their bathroom impressed me a lot.
There is no tub only shower since tubs waste more water than shower.
In my American rental condo, there is a tub and a curtain for fear of water sputtering.
But in my friends' house, they use glass doors.
What a romantic design~!!