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Sep 29, 2009 03:51
Last weekend, I went white water rafting.
This was my second time to do it, especially it was in the U.S.
The first time white water rafting was in east Taiwan but it was over 5 years ago.

In light of what rafting guide said, there were 5 different classes of rafting.
We merely experience from class 1 to class 3 in this trip.
It's was not exciting for me but I only looked forward to camping as I had never camped.

Our itinerary was 2 days and one night.
We drove to the rafting place for 3 hours.
In the first half, rafting was very plain.
Perhaps our guide didn't want us to be shocked in the beginning.
After 2 hours in the first half of the rafting, we had a very American style lunch.
The rafting company supplied sandwiches.
They catered toasts, hams, vegetables and sauce and we could make our sandwiches according our personal specific flavor.