Snail killer

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Sep 25, 2009 03:44

There are several pots of flowers at my place.
Unfortunately, some of them withered and faded so I took some snail killer from my friend.

The snail killer was very thick so I need to dilute it with water.
I had to be very careful when I filled the sprayer with snail killer for fear of contaminating and staining my hands.
The scent of snail killer was very pungent before diluting it with water.

After all presetting of snail killer, I started to remove the mud of my flower pots. I used the clips to take out some earth worms.
They were very useful to turn the mud.
That way, the mud could get very good ventilation.

Don't doubt it. mud also need fresh air to make roots breath.
Later, I scattered mud under the sun to use sunshine to kill germs and
bacteria which hid in the mud.

Around an hour later, I sprayed the snail killer on the mud and waited to claim corpses of snails.