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Sep 19, 2009 03:17
This morning, I got a news about that my friend bought an I phone in Taiwan by MSN.
His plan is to pay 40 dollars per month to the airtime provider.
40 dollars is monthly fee, but it can also be redeemable for airtime charge.

I don't know how he had to change his original cell phone to an I phone.
In my opinion, cell phones are just connection tools.
I am not concerned about if there are versatile functions in mobile phones, such as camera, mp3, radio or games.

All I need is pick up and dial.
Nevertheless, I phones are not merely mobile phones.
They represent fashion accessories.
That's why a lot of people are crazy to purchase them.
If they don't own it, they will feel like that they are behind the trend.
Nevertheless, is an I phone so necessary for them?

Maybe yes or perhaps not!
So don't just chase the trend blindly.
Think twice before you feel like purchaseing any luxury goods.