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Sep 18, 2009 14:38
Recently, my godbrother's new semester just started.
He became a Asian cluture club leaber in this term.
According to what he talked to me, he was the only one guy in the club.

My godbrother is very sweet and tendr so that's why he can get along with girls well.
This year is his last year in his senior highhood.
It also means he is supposed to do something special in this term.
That way, he can recall some memorable memory when he is older.

After class today, he can't help telling me his wonderful day.
They gathered together to figure out how to attract and recruit new members to join the club.

Finally, they decided to do cosplay.
They wanted to play different roles as maids, servants, and butlers in a club permotion event.

Sonds awesome as my godbrother is too shy.
It is a good chance to open his mind up.

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