All-you-can-eat restaurants

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Sep 18, 2009 08:03
All-you-can-eat restaurants is very prevalent in Taiwan.
There are so many different type of all-you-can-eat restaurants, such as hot pots, sea foods, BBQ, desserts and even vegetarian.
I don't why we are so crazy for it, especially it seems that students are addicted to it.
If you have a chance to visit it in Taiwan, you'll find out that the majority is students.

I speculate that students' appetites are usually so big.
They are growing up so they are always in starving conditions.
It seems that they are never full.
In all-you-can-eat restaurants, you can speak loudly and even shout.
This is because we like the feeling of hustle and bustle in dining places.

But the price of it is not cheap.
Comparing to normal daily meal, it cost almost 5 times more expensive than usually daily food and most ingredients are frozen.

However, I don't care. Ha~Ha.
But I can't eat as much as when I was young as I am getting old.
My stomach shrink so it is not so bargaining for me.