Mogolia BBQ

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Sep 18, 2009 07:43
This Tuesday, my friend drove me to a Mongolia BBQ dining place.
It was a all-you-can-eat restaurant.
The capacity of it wasn't very big and decor there was American style.
It was a little bit peculiar since it was an exotic restaurant and was supposed to be Mongol decor.

Dining methods of Mongol are very easy.
First, you pick up two bowls, one is for meat and the other is for vegetables.
Then you put the meats and vegetables which you prefer into these bowls.
Third, you dress around 10 different sauces and spices on meal.
Last, you stand in line or queue to wait for chef to fry your meal on a big BBQ iron plate.

There were some side dishes in the restaurant but didn't look fresh and yummy.
I only picked some fried rice to taste.
My~my. It seemed oil was free as it was so greasy.
I could tell If I ate rice or drank oil.
Nevertheless, the main dish, BBQ, was not so bad.
Although it was greasy as well, it was still under my bottom line.

Totally speaking, it was a nice place as it cost $13.
Comparing to others, it was nice price.
I think before I go back to Taiwan, I'll go there again.
However there was another flaw, the line is too long as hell.
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