It's worth paying tips.

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Sep 17, 2009 07:10
Tips is one of North American culture.
Although I was not willing to give it, I still did it as I have to respect others' culture.
Nevertheless, yesterday, my supervisor had a furniture shipment so I went there to assist him to set it.

The shipping company dispatched two workers to ship the furniture.
They drove a very big truck.
There were two items of furniture,
One was a cupboard and the other was a bed.
The former was very heavy and assembled.
The latter was not assembled.

My supervisor's lives on the second stories so the workers had to move furniture to the second floor.
It was very toilsome as the staircase is very narrow.
It was very tough to turn around but they tried their best to do it.

They were very professional as before they dragged the furniture on the carpet, they put four pads under cupboard's legs for fear of scratching the carpet.

Finally, they finished the job.
My supervisor's wife asked me how much tips should she pay.
I had no idea but I told her they worked so hard, maybe she could pay more.

Yes, they were worthy of getting more.