Don't make a promise arbitrarily

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Sep 17, 2009 07:04
Three weeks ago, I hung out with my friend.
I attended a feast and met some guys over there.
One of them found my place was adjacent to his house and then he invited us to his place.
Nevertheless he didn't give us any responds after that day.

At the beginning when I came here, I encountered an Indian guy who was my colleague's friend. He could speak Mandarin well as he was born in Singapore. He found that I could speak Mandarin fluently and then invited me to join his BBQ party as well
Guess what? He ate his words. He didn't fulfill his invitation.

Today, my colleague told me we would cancel our schedule of white water rafting.
In fact, I was not shocked by those as I was not interested in it. Ha~Ha

I am used to that they didn't achieve their promises.
I know when they invited me, it didn't mean they want to do that so badly.
It's just a social skill to show they are hospitable.
We shouldn't look forward to it too much.
If they realize their promises, you are luck.
Maybe you can consider to buy lottery.
If they break them, it's normal so don't feel dull.
If you are upset over it, you're too naive.

Nevertheless, the flip side of breaking promises will damage your image and credit.
Don't make a promise arbitrarily for the fear of damaging your personality
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