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Sep 16, 2009 03:23
After work yesterday, I received a mail from my friend.
She wrote an apology on the mail.
I read it for several times but I haven't respond and reply to her yet.
I think I need more time to meditate on this issue.
It needs some wisdom to deal with it.

Actually, I am still not in mood since I have been fed up with her.
She always regards everything as granted and like pointing to others' flaws, faults and defects.
She is supposed to know that when you points to others' faults, there are still 3 fingers to point to yourself.

She likes to squabble and quarrel over trivial things.
For example:
Last week, I accompanied her to a mall to return something but in light of the policy of the mall, we merely can exchange it for the same valuable other goods.
If exchanged goods are more expensive than original goods, we should complement the difference.
So we went to ATM to withdraw money.

There are two ATMs near the mall.
After she withdrew money from an ATM, she shouted, " What the hell! it deducted me 3 dollars."
She asked me, " Why didn't you tell me it will deduct processing fee ahead."
I felt upset but she was still sarcastic with me.
Nevertheless, it's common sense that withdrawing from interbanks will deduct processing fee.

That's why I've not replied to her.
I hope that she can think twice regarding it.