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Nov 4, 2011 14:27

It’s weekend today. In other words, this week is almost over and the new week will be coming. How have you been this week? From your previously email, it seems you’ve applied to the school and just been waiting for the permission. Yes, how come I forget that you’d like to be a diplomat. Still remember that day; we were in the rooftop of the church. It’s really great to hear you start to be on the way to your ideal. Please insist it and will be always praying for you to get a permission to get into school. It’s super-hot today like summer time. Have it gotten warm in the southern hemisphere? Hopefully, everything is fine with you. I believe you must achieve your dream soon. Please take care and say hello to your family. Btw, Fatty and I try to do workout to reduce our heavy weight and fat. I went to his place to swim. There is an awesome and fancy gym over there. I know there is no hope for both of us. lol~ but still try to be slim.