My Work (Part II)

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Feb 11, 2014 00:29
The actions will be within programs such as:
- Cognitive stimulation programs, to slow down the deterioration of mental abilities. To do this, we do orientation workshops -spatial, temporal and personal orientation- memory, calculation, gnosis, praxis, literacy, relaxation, music therapy, do craft workshops, cinema, cultural events, etc.
- Programs to work the activities of daily life. We try to maintain the maximum autonomy in toilet, food, movement... as long as possible.
- Programs relation with the environment: we go to the street market, to the parties of other groups of people, trips, etc.
- Individual activities, group activities.
- Programs of attention to families: counseling, psychological support, etc.

Moreover, because it’s a residence with some spaces under contract with the government of Andalucia, we perform many procedures related to the Dependence Law, many records , protocols, coordination with courts, with mental health, etc.
We also provide training courses to the unemployed where I sometimes work as a teacher, for example, teaching cares for dependent people.