My Work (Part III)

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Feb 11, 2014 03:59
Besides, the company where I’m working for receive and send volunteers from the European Voluntary Service (EVS) and it’s that young people from all over Europe (Spanish too) can do a voluntary project in any other country in Europe. They can be from one to twelve month with the aim of acquiring personal and professional competences. They also earn a bit of money each month, although they receive free meals and lodging.

I’m usually the tutor of this people and I have to accompany them to the seminars organized in every city in Spain, with one-week and where all the volunteers at that time in Spain meet, so it's very rewarding for me to live with different cultures. I’m their Spanish teacher as well. I had to teach them Spanish for some hours every week, but I enjoyed the lessons. They helped me with my job and made our “work life” more fun. We had had people from Hungary, Italy, Germany…