New Year’s Resolutions

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Feb 3, 2014 20:21
At the beginning of a New Year, it’s a tradition to make a list of New Year’s Resolutions; everybody tries to think about the resolutions that want to achieve. I also do my mental list of things that I want to change or do in the coming year because it helps me for my motivation to reach the objectives I set every year.

First of all, I’d like to get the English language certificate to which I’m studying at the Language School, so I'm planning to try harder in English by watching one video and doing a writing at least four or five times a week. After this, I want to take up again the study of the French language; I studied French for six years at the high school and this won't be quite as hard as starting from scratch. To do this, I'm thinking of starting an online French course in summer.
I’d also like to keep my current job, but there’s a strong possibility I miss it next April, so I’m going to begin to apply to others companies as soon as possible to find another job.

Besides, I’d like to devote a little more time to my family and friends because I currently spend the whole day out and when I get home I need time to study English or do some extra work. For saving time, I’m going to cut down on surfing the Internet.

Finally, I’m going to reduce eating fast food and I’m going to do more exercise, regardless of the weather or the job pressures, by jogging for at least 25 minutes three times a week, and maybe more than that, if I possibly can.