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Nov 28, 2016 06:44 oripago made 7 corrections for Long time, no see.
You are such a kind person.
Oct 25, 2015 04:38 Rina made 2 corrections for Armin van Buuren
Jun 4, 2015 22:18 Sayuri commented on Music
It's very nice! You still have good taste in music. I always like songs you recommend.
Apr 4, 2015 16:50 Katsu made 7 corrections for Upbeat Music
What a nice party song! I want to go to the club.
Feb 21, 2015 21:26 ひまわり made 5 corrections for New Music #5
I'm enjoying the song, this song makes my motiviation up! thanks a lot!
Feb 2, 2015 15:50 Sierra made 4 corrections for Bass Guitar Music
Jan 20, 2015 20:23 Asami commented on New Music #4
Gooood : )
Jan 14, 2015 15:20 gyudonist made 1 corrections for American Rock
Jan 10, 2015 11:25 popolon* made 1 corrections for Popular Music #3
Dec 31, 2014 17:41 popolon* made 1 corrections for Popular Music Part 2
I know this song. One of my favorite. I often hear it recently. :D I'm happy we like same song. Also, I prefer lyric video. ;p Anyway...
Dec 31, 2014 16:53 Chanru- made 3 corrections for Popular Music
I heard the song now for the first time. It was good !
Dec 30, 2014 19:30 popolon* commented on Popular Music
I watced the youtube. I'm wondering what does "girl not for long" mean ?
Dec 6, 2013 19:25 moe commented on Hi everyone!
He always use bad English.haha
Oct 16, 2013 03:41 PutPongsai made 1 corrections for The Army
Oct 15, 2013 16:02 risako made 4 corrections for U.S. Army
Oct 15, 2013 13:12 risako commented on U.S. Army
May i be correction in jabanese? but i can not study english ,so maybe there is a little misstake. ok?
Sep 27, 2013 18:20 TheySayMoop made 4 corrections for Fall
Aug 3, 2013 13:23 Mia commented on The Army
Ya America has a very different culture with Japan. I am proud of those people who go to army. It is never gonna be an easy decision.
Jul 30, 2013 08:14 MAKIRIN made 1 corrections for Meditation.
Jul 8, 2013 14:26 sck.mif commented on Good Music
Adele! I love her voice and songs.
Jul 7, 2013 22:01 mitsuru commented on Good Music
hi, nice to meet you. thank you for your good song. she is a gifted girl, I think. do you want to translate your sentences to Japasene? ...
Jul 4, 2013 23:23 sck.mif commented on 4th of July
Oh! Great! It's a festival all around the States. I hope that I will visit and enjoy it sometime. Uuummm X( I have run out of Engli...
Jul 4, 2013 21:50 keiko commented on 4th of July
I have been to the US many times, but I have missed 4th of July. I would like to enjoy fireworks in 4th of July! Have fun in SF :D
May 10, 2013 15:30 Satoshi commented on DAFT PUNK!!!
Yeah, French Electro is great. I bet you also like this...?
Apr 30, 2013 16:23 uipoooh commented on Traffic Violation Ticket
Unsafe U-turn?!?!!?!!! ...I didnt know they can give ticket for that.. I cant even imagine how u did the "unsafe u-turn"... th...
Apr 25, 2013 22:48 kino made 7 corrections for Traffic Violation Ticket
Mar 29, 2013 18:07 nyanderfuldog commented on Lovely Morning!
yeah! nice photo!
Mar 23, 2013 23:37 uipoooh commented on Biking!!!
Flu.. go awayyyyy... Ur journals makes me feel Im sooooooooo soooooo soooooooooo lazy.. lol I guess I should start at least walking.. :P
Mar 22, 2013 15:25 oilyken commented on My new bike!!!
I got the word "sparked memories of simpler times" from this mail , thank you.
Mar 11, 2013 19:57 yuri made 5 corrections for The Great and Powerful Oz.
This is spoken language.
Mar 11, 2013 00:25 yuri made 5 corrections for A new university.
Mar 10, 2013 22:06 uipoooh commented on A new university.
Yaaaay! Congrats!!! You know what? Now u are gonna get a motorcycle, and u are gonna go to school? I envy u more and more, but Im glad th...
Mar 10, 2013 21:53 aikat13 commented on A new university.
Conglatulations!What do you learn in university?
Mar 7, 2013 04:45 yuri made 7 corrections for A motorcycle
Mar 6, 2013 12:52 Caty commented on A motorcycle
Motorcycle freaks love fast motorcycles. It does make sense, indeed.
Mar 3, 2013 02:32 yuri made 6 corrections for Spring seems here
Nice tree!
Mar 3, 2013 01:46 uipoooh commented on Spring seems here
Oh my.. the weather in California.. this is what I miss the most. I envy uuuuuuu!!!!!!
Mar 2, 2013 17:28 Caty commented on Spring seems here
Cherry trees are beautiful!
Feb 18, 2013 12:17 uipoooh commented on A newborn in the family
Awwwwwwww. Congrats!!!! :D
Feb 18, 2013 11:51 riko made 2 corrections for A newborn in the family
なたりー is good name.
Feb 15, 2013 22:59 moe commented on Sleep
I was sleeping all day.haha
Feb 9, 2013 00:29 moe commented on Today
How much do you weigh?
Feb 8, 2013 22:01 Caty made 1 corrections for Today
geesh geesh!
Feb 8, 2013 07:45 Caty commented on Today
I think you should take more carbo! Your brains will shrink if you don't take carbo properly. Noodles, burgers, breads, rice and pi...
Feb 5, 2013 00:22 uipoooh commented on Japan trip 2014
Kyoto, there's a lot of stores that u can rent a kimono. They help u to get dressed so u just go in there and chose a kimono u wanna ...
Feb 4, 2013 16:52 Coco commented on Japan trip 2014
I think why you won't go to Kinki region too. I recommend Kyoto and Osaka. Kyoto has kept the old town as Japan. Osaka is called t...
Feb 4, 2013 09:47 Caty commented on Japan trip 2014
You should visit Kyoto and be a monk. hahahha!
Feb 4, 2013 09:44 Caty commented on Super Bowl Sunday!!!!
Which brother is cooler? <---- (an irrelevant question)
Feb 4, 2013 02:20 MIMI commented on Japan trip 2014
what a wonderful plan!! i guess, if you guys are interested in histories, you should visit castles. We have many old castles around japa...
Feb 4, 2013 01:15 uipoooh commented on Super Bowl Sunday!!!!
Wow, the head coaches are actual brothers!!?!?!?! Its gonna be a good game! 7hrs to go!