Why People Get Married?

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Jan 19, 2013 06:23
Every couple has different reasons to get married.

Some people get married because they need some life partner for life and it helps to avoid many problems.

Emotional reasons are the most common reason for people to get married, for example, the romance and love.

Marriage it´s a public celebration of a couple's love.

However, not all emotional reasons are romantic.

People without financial security get married to get financial security.

Some people choose to get married because of fear that they will always be alone or that they will not find someone else to share their life with.

There are also financial reasons.

A married couple can take advantage of tax breaks associated with marriage, and the legal commitment of a marriage ensures financial security for providing for children.

Couples can enjoy financial benefits with inheritances, retirement accounts, and other financial matters.
There are also legal reasons. Parental and property rights are also easier to manage legally when a couple is married, including issues such as employment sick leave, next of kin, and home ownership.

Many couples also choose to get married for religious reasons and they want to confirm their union before the eyes of God.

Finally, modern society also puts pressure on couples to marry.
Many couples feel intense pressure to marry from their parents, relatives, or other married friends, particularly if they already have children or plan to start a family.
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