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Mar 12, 2013 03:09
Green tea is a popular drink in japan.
Most japanese people enjoy it not only during teatime, but also after meals.
However, the correct way to prepare tea is in danger of being forgotter.
Let's learn it now.
Bow. <(_ _)>
Remove the tea canister's lid.
Pour the tea leaves into the lid.
Put the tea leaves in the teapot.
Fill the teapot with boiling water.
The water will begin to cool immediately.
Green tea reaches the peal of its flavor at 80 degrees Celsius.
Japanese people always seek to enjoy their tea at this perfect temperature.
They rotate it.
This movement serves to cool the tea to its perfect temperature and to extract color and fragrance from the tea leaves.
Next,let it sit for three seconds.
This is a tea whisk.
How it's used ... a mystery.
Pour the tea into the teacup a third at a time.
Each third should measure about 30CCs.
Blow on the tea.
Face the point where the tea surface and the cup surface meet,then blow three times at 175 meters per minute to reduce the heat on the surface.
Now! And say "Ahh."
"粗茶ですが" is also said.
When offering tea to a guest.
"よいお手前ですが" is said.
To drink tea is this way,a teader sense of timing and angle,the concentration to perform mental calculations without mistakes,and the ability to perform under stress are all required.
When finished.
have a cup of coffee to help yourself relax.
So, how was that?
This is Japanese green tea.
Is there a problem?

Last but not least, These are lies.