Help me! たすけて ください!

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Dec 16, 2010 06:55 Speech Honda Goro
I have a speech that I have to write but I have no idea how to phrase it correctly. I tried many ways and it just doesn't sound good.
I'd appriciate anyone who can help me.

Here is what I want to say in English:

ほんだ ごろ は わかい さいのう の ある やきゅう せんしゅ。 さんさい かれ の おかあさん が (Died)、 と ごさい が おとうさん は (Died as well)。 
He makes friends easily, as people are drawn to his personality and his excitement of the game. His famous pitch was his fastball also known as the Gyroball. Later on he learned how to throw a forkball、Known as the Gyrofork. Throughout his life Honda has made several friends.  Toshiya Sato、Kaoru Shimizu which later on becomes Hondas girlfriend. And his rival Joe Gibson and Joe Gibson Jr. I chose to do this character because this is one of the first animes I have watched and really enjoyed. Because of Hondas attitude towards baseball I also find it extremely motivating and I’m able to push myself when I need to.  I have no interest in Baseball but the idea isn't only focused on baseball, it's his struggles and how he pushes through and becomes a better person.

Here it is in Japanese:

ほんだ ごろ は わかい さいのう の ある やきゅう せんしゅ。 さんさい かれ の おかあさん が (Died)、 と ごさい が おとうさん は (Died as well)。かれ の じんかく の ため に ともだち を かんたん に する。 ゆうめいな Pitch は Fastball; Gyroball と Forkball; Gyrofork. ともだち は たくさn が ある: としや さと かおる しむず、 かおる しみず は ほんだ の かのじょ。 Rival は Joe Gibson  と Joe Gibson Jr. ほんだ は しんせつ と げんき でも すこし まじめ と きびしい。 ほんだ は わかい、 だけ にじゅうに さい。 たかい と つよい。 やくうーぼう は あかい と しろい。 ほんだ は にほん に すんで いました、 でも いま は America に すんで います。 ぼく は ほんだ ごろ に こと が (Because) anime が だいすき! でも それ が すべて で は ない。ほんだ の じんかく は かんどう。 ぼく は やきゅう き に しない でも Anime は だけでなく やきゅう について。 かれ の とうそう かれ お かいして Push する ほうほう より よい に なります。

Thats it. Thank you if you can help me.
Please write in HIRAGANA/KATAKANA. I can't understand kanji yet!
Thank you.