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#1602 At the Flower Shop With native lang

I stopped by the flower shop on my way home from work and found many different kinds of young plants there. A boy asked his mother what w...
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Jan 20, 2020 08:17
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Testimonials from My Friends

Not only is my friend NaGG a nice guy and a skillful English writer, he also has a keen eye and a knack for description. If his skill with words is as good in his native Japanese as it is in English, he could write one hell of a good novel. NaGG always has interesting entries to write about, more than I could ever hope to muster. If you aren't already friends with him, you should be! NaGG definitely is a gentleman and a scholar.
NaGG is clearly a scholar at heart gifted with literary genius. Not only that, he is a kind gentleman who has tirelessly corrected and cleverly commented on dozens of my journal entries. I have only good things to say about him, and hope to meet him in Hokkaido in the near future over a delicious meal of kai-sen don!
I can't believe I haven't posted a Lang-8 testimonial for my friend NaGG! Especially after his all too kind post on my page. :] As others have said, because it is so apparent, NaGG is an extremely patient, knowledgeable, and kind Lang-8 user. Since the time I started using Lang-8, he has corrected many of my posts, and his help has been indispensable to my progress in the Japanese language. Furthermore, we have chatted when we are able (time-zones make it hard to have real-time chats with Japanese people from America!) and I've always enjoyed our conversations. Whether you are learning English or Japanese, I recommend reading NaGG's posts and/or their native-language versions. They are of the highest quality, and always provide interesting/funny stories or information!
NaGG is a brilliant man of wide learning. I wonder if he knows everything! I love to read his entries, because I always can learn new Japanese words and phrases from his posts.The most important thing is that his corrections is really great. He is very nice and kind to help language learners. So why not add him as a friend?!