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#1147 Top-Down Processing (3) With native lang

This is part three of a seven-part series. Part one: Part two: On the other hand, non-na...
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Feb 27, 2017 12:04 HokkaidoUniversity Memories

#1146 Top-Down Processing (2) With native lang

This is part two of a seven-part series. Part one: In one example, native speakers recognize a word as a unit r...
  • 96
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  • English 
Feb 26, 2017 11:04 HokkaidoUniversity Memories
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Testimonials from My Friends

みなさん、もうご存知だと思いますが、NaGGさんは、本当にやさしくて、素晴らしい人です。そのお人柄があふれる投稿もとても素敵です。同じ日本人でありながらも、その文章の美しさや繊細さ、表現力に魅了されます。とても友達思いの方なので、友達の添削が少ないと思われたら、「添削をしてください」とお願いをされています。NaGGさん、これからもよろしくお願いします🎵 (#^^#) 
As you can see from his entries, NaGG is quite proficient in English and rarely requires any correction. He also sometimes corrects entries of Japanese language learners.
NaGG is a brilliant man of wide learning. I wonder if he knows everything! I love to read his entries to learn new words and phrases. Those special things of Japan or the story of his travel stories are really good Japanese articles to read! The most important thing is that his corrections is really great. So why not add him as a friend?!
NaGG is empathetic, patient and has an ordered mind. He has dedicated over five years to giving thoughtful and relevant corrections. Moreover, his own posts are very interesting to read. He is the perfect Lang-8 member.
Once NaGG said that his profile image is one of the Nazca geoglyphs. Whenever I find it in the display list of my friend's new entries, I am glad. I like to read his wonderful diaries because I feel sympathy with them. Perhaps the secret key to achieving your constant writing on Lang-8 may be having good friends like him who writes interesting diaries constantly.