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Jan 15, 2013 19:17 Robert made 3 corrections for English Online Lesson
Jan 15, 2013 19:03 Robert made 7 corrections for Funny Dead Expressions
Jan 15, 2013 08:25 Ichizo made 9 corrections for Dead words
Good job! アメリカに住んでいると死語についていくのが大変です。しかし、みんなが死語だと思ってても、キムタクが使いだしたらまた「生き返る」訳ですよね? 英語は日本語の様に言葉が完全に入れ替わることがあまりありません。普通中高生の時に使ってたスラングが身に付いて...
Jan 15, 2013 05:35 JBgroovy made 1 corrections for Snow Snow Snow
The correction now that I look at it looks a little confusing. So I will type it again here, "I went to the Tokyo Dome today, becaus...
Jan 14, 2013 18:37 AndrewD made 3 corrections for Snow Snow Snow
Jan 14, 2013 18:34 Archer made 3 corrections for Snow Snow Snow
I am in Tokyo too! We had so much snow today yeah :[ I had to go to the ATM at a conbini but it was so hard to get there on my bike. ...
Jan 14, 2013 03:24 JBgroovy made 3 corrections for My favorite actor
My favorite actor and actress is Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep! But I agree, Cameron Diaz is really funny.
Jan 13, 2013 21:01 Alex made 7 corrections for Ghibli animation museum
I really love "Howls Moving Castle" too! ^^ I also really really like Spirited Away.
Jan 12, 2013 18:14 Eric115 made 6 corrections for I'll cook Sukiyaki toni...
I would love some sukiyaki! :P
Jan 12, 2013 13:08 JBgroovy made 2 corrections for Japanese monsters!
Very impressive writing skills!
Jan 12, 2013 06:16 Beau commented on Draemon
Jan 12, 2013 02:21 Daniel made 4 corrections for Draemon
I'd like to go to Japan! ^_^ or Inside all of the banks, and take ALL of the money and give it to the poor!!! Just kidding :D
Jan 12, 2013 01:50 Daniel made 7 corrections for Tora ( tiger )
My my I am happy that I do not drink ^_^ P.S. Working in Japan/etc... is it customary to drink or when you hang out with friends/et...
Jan 11, 2013 23:45 Robert made 4 corrections for Tora ( tiger )
Jan 11, 2013 13:19 Daniel made 4 corrections for Popular Tokyo-tour with Hat...
You can be my guide! You might get tired because I look to take my time and enjoy the scenery! Buses I do not like because they just ride...
Jan 11, 2013 03:58 Beau commented on Shisha
lol I can't be around cigarettes smoke or any kind of smoke or I feel sick and get a headache.
Jan 11, 2013 02:09 Jake commented on Shisha
this whole thing is really good, reads basically perfectly. nice work! But I won't be going only because I don't smoke either, bu...
Jan 10, 2013 00:56 Daniel made 6 corrections for Japanese funny slang
Some english slang: tight -> really cool (not when something is tight) homie -> good friend sup -> What's up
Jan 10, 2013 00:46 Robert made 5 corrections for Hot spring (Onsen)
Jan 10, 2013 00:20 Caty commented on Hot spring (Onsen)
Pls help me! How different between 'a lot of' and 'lots of' ?
Jan 9, 2013 14:16 Beau made 6 corrections for House of plot
Wow great English. I'm always jealous of people who pick up other languages so well.
Jan 9, 2013 07:01 Daniel commented on Horror Story!
I would read it but I'm scared T_T
Jan 8, 2013 15:24 Daniel made 3 corrections for Takeshita Street
Jan 8, 2013 13:45 i-hiker joe commented on Takeshita Street
It is fun going there. But you got to bring some money to really enjoy the day there.
Jan 8, 2013 04:55 Daniel made 1 corrections for Birthday
Jan 7, 2013 16:14 Beau made 11 corrections for Horror Story!
lol so they made it down the mountain without the other person, or are they stuck on the mountain now? :p
Jan 7, 2013 15:41 Jake made 3 corrections for Horror Story!
Scary! I like it, come up with more!
Jan 7, 2013 14:11 Beau made 3 corrections for Birthday
誕生日おめでとうございます!私の誕生日は2週間にある。日本のピザはすごく高いです! Wow 3000 yen/$34 dollars? That had better be the best pizza ever made lol. That's really...
Jan 7, 2013 00:29 made 3 corrections for New Year's Resolution
Jan 6, 2013 10:40 made 5 corrections for Introduction
Welcome to Lang-8 :)