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Mar 2, 2013 21:17
When I was a student, we had an English test one day. The test was a true or false test.
A few students was really silly and stupid and they asked the smartest girl in our class if they could cheat off her answer on the test. The smartest girl named Tomo chan accepted their silly offer.
She explained them how to cheat her answer.
"I will take a barrette out of my hair after 30 minutes the test had started. That is the sign which I will send you my answers. If I touch my right head, the answer is true. When I touch my left head, that means false. I will send you these signals like right right left right, that means true true false true. Are you OK?"
They agreed and thanked her.

After the test, one of the cheater girls thanked again to Tomo chan.
"Thank you!!! I could the test perfectly thanks to you!!! So it was good idea, Tomo chan! You're genius! Touching your right head means false, right?"