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Jan 26, 2013 18:02
I went to a bookstore with my friend this morning. While I was in the bookstore, I wanted to go to a restroom.
When I went to the restroom in the bookstore, I found a notice on the door saying that "Please call to a salesclerk when you use it."

Hmmm, it was very bother for me.
Although I thought it was very bother, but I asked to a salesclerk who was a fat girl with glasses if I could use the restroom.
She ignored me for the first time. I got upset and asked her again.
She said, " I think..I think you can use it..maybe.."

Hmmm, this salesclerk seemed very nasty. After I went out the restroom, I complained about her to my friend.

"Who is that girl?" my friend asked me. I pointed at the girl.
"Oh. She is not a salesclerk, but just a customer. "