When you ask someone to do something.

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Jan 21, 2013 19:47
When you ask someone to do something, How do you ask?

"Can I borrow your book?" or "Could you come up with me?" or "Can I show you my picture which was taken last week?" are kind of polite way to ask.
What do you think of these expressions when someone ask you,
"Do you want to see my picture?" or "Do you want to come up with me?"
Hmmm, when you ask these questions to your friends is OK. But if you ask to someone who is not casually related, these asking ways are not good, especially in Japan!
Have you ever had an experience that someone asked you with an impolite way?

For example, when a girl worked at an office, one of her male co-worker asked her for a date.
The girl didn't like him. Not only her, but also all girls of the office hate him. He was creepy and arrogant. The girl had never talked to him, but he asked her suddenly that if she wanted to go hiking with him next Sunday. She said, "NO."
He asked her again when was her convenient day for a date with him.

She thought he was really crazy. Becasue she was not interested in him at all, and she had never talked to him until that time. She had never thought she has wanted to go for a date with him. Why he asked her when she would like to go for a date with him?
If he asked her something like.."Can I take you out?" or " Would you go out with me?", she has might felt much better.

Hmmm. Asking to someone is difficult sometimes. If you're cool person, I guess everything would be perfect even if you ask with impolite way.
Eventually personality problems...maybe.