The face which is like "How am I doing? "

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Jan 19, 2013 23:43
We have very funny slang words. "Doya-gao" is one of them. "Doya-gao" means someone's face which is like " Hey, Look what I can do!" or "See? How's that?" or "Don't you think I am amazing? How am I doing?."

When your classmate talk about that he took a high score on the test the other day.
You could say to him, "Don't talk about it with 'doya-gao' face!"

In our daily lives, you can realize that many people show their doya-gao face very often.
It's very funny.
We can also tease someone with the word.
If I explain about Japanese history to you, you might think that I am talking with doya-gao face. You can say, "Haha! I've already known Japanese history. Don't explain to me with your doya-gao face!"

One day, a little girl found a mantis captured his prey in the garden. She shouted, "Waoooo! Mantis also has doya- gao face!"