Jessie (6)

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Oct 14, 2018 23:06
She desperately looked for Blackteeth and eventually she found his puppet show at the beach.
The two puppets whcih was hilarious perfoming was Jessie's parents!
After the show, the puppets of Jessie's parents asked her for help. Jessie came in the tent, and she asked Blackteeth to get back her parents. At that time, Blackteeth's assistant, a young man who was collecting coins from customers after the show, appeared.
He explained that Jessie was a candidate. Jessie didn't understand his meaning. He said he was tricked by Blackteeth since he had some problems with his parents. He played along with Blackteeth's little game, then the next morning, his parents turned into an actual puppet. There was only one way to free them. He had to find replacements. It took a long time for him, but he eventually found Jessie. As soon as Jessie uttered those words, "That's the way to do it." his parents came back to him. He handed a glass bin to Jessie. To get back her parents, Jessie would need to manage this puppet show until she could find replacements.
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