The proof of " Girl = Evil"

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Jan 25, 2013 11:15
According to a proverb, "Girls require time and money.", we can think....

Girl= Time × money.....(1)

According to another proverb, "Time is money.", we also can think...

Time = money.....(2)

If you plug (2) into the equation(1),

Girl = money × money

Because of "Money is the root of all evil", so

Money = √(evil)


Girl = √(evil) × √(evil) = evil

Girl = Evil


Well, After I wrote this proof, I was going to say, "I am not evil, though"
But if I said that I was not evil, that means I was not a woman.
So, I need to say that I am evil. It must be true. Sorry.

女は時間と金がかかる(girls require time and money)のことわざによれば、私達は以下のように考えることができます。

Girl = Time × Money ・・・(1)

別のことわざ時は金なり(Time is Money)によると

Time = Money ・・・(2)


Girl = Money × Money

金は諸悪の根源(money is the root of all evil)だから

Money = √(Evil)


Girl = √(Evil) × √(Evil) = Evil

女=悪 (証明終)


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