How to write a chasing letter?

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Jun 20, 2009 09:32
Can anyone tell me how to write a chasing letter?
Actually I don't know how this letter should be call, I want to write a letter to chase my supplier in India to give us the information we've been waiting. What kind of this letter call?

It's very difficult to do business with Indian, actually I cannot say all Indian are the same, but all the Indian I met so far, it's very diffcult for them to keep their promise. It's completely difference with Japan, promise is the most important thing in Japanese business.

I was very impressed by a company selling Barcode Reader in Japan lately.
There is a part of my job related to develope programme, and I am developing a programme which need Barcode Reader recently.
But I wasn't sure does the barcode reader can support my programme which made by myself.

Then I searched the website and found a Japanese company who selling that.
They have a service that can lend you their product first, all they need just to call your company and check is this company truly exist.
And 2 days later I received the barcode reader and it was work for my programme prefectly. So my company bought 2 of them, and they even send the 2 of them to us before we make the payment, they said we can make the payment within a month. But we still made the payment and deposite to them the day after we received the goods. Because all of this trusting and keeping promise, the transaction was work smoothly.

I was very impressed by this kind of trusting culture, we were the first time to buy this from them, we've never know each other before, but base on the culture, they can have such a solid trusting between people in Japan.

I am a Hong Kong person who work in Japan, I believe this kind of system which base on trust cannot work in China, I think even India. Because for those country, if I send my product to someone even their company was confirmed exist, they may be just take away my product and don't pay it or may lie and try to get it for free.

I am not saying the Japanese culture is good or Chinese culture is bad, I just have a question to ask myself why my country cannot do this kind of system, what make the image of Chinese cannot be trust and to do this kind of system?

I personally don't think all the Chinese are greedy, there are still some of the people would like to take the money they pick up from the street to the police station, but may be the police station will put the money in their own pocket, MAY BE.

But why Chinese give people such a greedy image, and why we cannot bulid this kind of trusting culture and make our country become more strong? I am really asking myself this question.
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