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Jun 17, 2016 05:31 CAE
Hi friend,

Thank you so much for keeping me up-to-date with your news, it was so fantastic to hear from you. I’m sure that the language course you’re talking about will be worthy… Spanish comes naturally to you! And I do believe that you’re going to spend a great time in my town.

I’d definitely suggest that in your leisure time during the afternoons, to clear your mind after the classes, you mustn’t miss taking a light walk along the new seashore that has recently been built. You could also, if you feel up to meeting new people, turn up to the informal meeting that the pub “Tropical” arranges every Wednesday and Friday between English and Spanish speakers to exchange conversation. But actually, remember not to waste your time and money in those artificial “Erasmus parties” that many discos prepare… They will let you down!

At weekends, your down time will be longer, so it could be a wonderful idea, as an outdoor activity, to set off and knowing the surroundings of the town, there are some genuine and picturesque villages that you shouldn’t miss. You just have to get a train ticket in the Town Hall. What’s more, I’m coming with up the idea that in the nearest village there’s a Modern Photography Exposition which you can assist for free, because I remember you took up a photography course, didn’t you?
Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy the experience. I’d love to hear you bear in mind my suggestions.

All the best,

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