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I'm a student of linguistic university, and I do love the English language. Recenly I became also a teacher of English. and now I teach kids. But I know my English isn't perfect, so I need to practise more and more. As for my work, I can't say I want to devote all my life to teaching, but I'm sure I want every kind of my work to be connected with languages, especially with English.
I study French, too. I don't think I wanna work with French this much; I'd rather say I like it just because of its incredible beauty, the way it sounds.
As for my hobbies, I'm keen on making jewelry of glass beads. I like to take photos. Also, I've always been fond of reading.
I'm always glad to make friends ^_^

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Hello everybody.

I'm from Russia, and I do love English language. I'm a student of linguistic university (on my fourth year now); also, recently I...
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Nov 29, 2012 22:56 english studies
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