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May 29, 2008 22:18
Hello, everyone.
I live in "kawasaki-city kanagawa" for a month .
I was transferred to the main office in Shinagawa Ward Tokyo.

I lived in "Aichi" since I was born to a month ago. I like there .
But, I like here , too . I become accustomed to life in this town .

But,I'm sorry to only a thing . It's about a flavor of "MISOSIRU(=miso-soup)".My taste for "AKA(brown)-miso" . In this local "SIRO(white)-miso" is used to make "miso-soup" .I miss to eat "AKA-MISO SOUP".

By the way , I like this an apartment house to live .Because thisi is a comfortable room for living . It have six mat living-room and a four-and-a-half-mat mezzanine floor . I thought my an apartment house has only a room. I gdad to come here first .
If one is allowed to wish so much , I want a sofa .

In the long run , I like here and Kawasaki is going to my second-home town .

Thanks .