addicted to a city or a period of golden time?

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Feb 19, 2010 01:11 city capital Taipei
today i spent a whole afternoon packing up all my stuffs back to Taipei

kind of weird of using the phrase "back" instead of "go",for I was born and raised in Taichung,

with a little bit concern, i found myself might have caught up
the notorious TAIPEI COMPLEX

in Taiwan, people taunt the people from the capital
(which obvious is Taipei),
for people in Taipei sometimes think they are better than some other citizens which are not live in the capital.

i guess that is a common phenomenon around many big cities in the world, as my knowledge, those New yorkers, for example

Capital citizens, or those from the big cities, we use "cocky, proud, indifference, insensitive" to describe them.
however, back to the start,

I was packing my stuffs and tried to get ready to tiden my life back to
my college,and, of course, back to Taipei, and pondering on how to fit in this hustling city once again?

like a chubby girl wants to fit in a real tight jeans.
she will suceed with determinations (of losing weight, i suppose)

it's a corwded, noisy city with cocky people reside in.

sometimes i hated there, but most of the time i found myself
love it, and fasinated by it.

if you ask me why i love this city that much

i will answer that maybe it's because i have my whole wonderful youth
spent in there,

that is to say, for me, to love Taipei is just like a synonym of

so, I am addicted to love Taipei for I am addicted to being young
so, which city do you love best?
share with me :)