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Feb 17, 2010 21:18
people always say that the fast way to sharpen the english writing skill is to take english journal ever single day.
of course, it would also work if you take spanish/french/chinese journal everyday to improve your spanish/french/chinese)

i don't know whether it's true or not, however, i will give it a try

three days later i will be back to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan
and a city constantly rain with no end.

i love this city, however

it's my last semester in college, and i am opressed by a strange feeling, like something really heavy press down your chest, a little bit sad tangles with a little bit excitement.

awareingly to know that, some good old strolling days will not appear in future tense.

those not-easy-to-understand novels will simply put this adjective to this kind of feeling : a little bit nostalgia.

Growing up, and stepping into LIFE kind of freaks everybody out,yes,
i used to stand aside and watch some other people's life get by,

never thought about that one day i may become the one who stares at her own life and have no courage to step into it.

Staring THE life like an outsider always more easier to be an insider in life, in your own life.

however, life goes on, no matter you want it to proceed or not

Life never ask your opinion, she just keep going

so i keep chasing
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