Hello everybody I've wrote an essay with words I'm learning ( CORRECT ME PLEASE)

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Feb 7, 2013 12:24 common expressions English learners
Let's begin.

He was walking by the street a long street with a pencil drawing on walls, He draws too good but nobody in his family was too proud about him, who knows mathematics is going to have all the attention he thought; In his school never taught him paint or how to draw nobody was interested in it there was not a teacher for it, He studied in three different schools one of them taught paint but not how he wanted, the class consisted in draw a picture on a sheet, teacher just said take this picture and draw it , What? Is this a class? Are you kidding? He always wanted someone teach him Technics about the shadows how make it real, how to draw a face, what target he should have in mind to draw, What details do a human face real? So all the teachers he had was not prepared for it. So He started to paint and draw by himself he said I'm not gonna sleep on it again this is now I can do it let's get the ball rolling I'll do it twenty four seven with practice and taking it easy I gonna get it, I know I'm broke, the money is not needed , the talent is not needed I can do the talent I can do it if i want and If I do all necessary to get it, I'll have an specific time to draw, I'll be awake at 6 am o'clock sharp! to see the sunrise I haven't seen it in ages, I'm sick and tired to be lazy, I'll draw the world I'll draw this feelings, like the back of my hand I know this time, I won't draw the darkness of the world I'll draw the happiness and I'll change the world beginning by me.

Estuve viendo un video en Youtube titulado 10 COMMON EXPRESSIONS y los escribí aquí en este ensayo, espero sus correciones y preferencias en los usos de ciertos términos. MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS BYE!