Actually I'm going to remember my english

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May 3, 2014 12:46 remembering actually english
Long time ago I stopped studying english continously as a matter of fact it was continously but in a disorder way. Now I'm comming back with a new way for learning english, i mean not distracting myself or just not reading books WITHOUT understand it ( i read books just for practicing my accents ::that's funny::) , what I need is understand what I read, for that, I need to look for more vocabulary in english and spanish (because occurs that I get it in english but i don't know how to say it spanish) and keep practicing being happy for sure . Well I don't occurs nothing else now. Please correct my mistakes I'll be glad of you THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR READING IT THXS A BUNCH.
Despues de tiempo que vuelvo por aquí, porfavor corrijan mis errores :) Nos vemos cuidenese :)