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Dec 16, 2012 05:36
Hello, I have four basic German grammar questions. Writing in English so I can understand them and incorporate into my German grammar learning. Any help would be tremendously appreciated.

1 - In German, is it proper to just put the noun without the definite/indefinite article as one would in English?

-Wir haben Hunde

Is this correct or do you have to say:

-Wir haben die Hunde

2 - When using the Dativ with Akkusativ and the preposition in, when does one you the Akkusativ and when the Nominativ?

-Ich sehe den Mann in dem Flughafen

-Is this correct or should it be "der Flughafen" and when do you use which?

3 - When to use the verb "wohnen" and when to use "leben" ?

4 - Are numbers treated as adjectives? So if I say three books and books happen to be in the Dative, do I say "dreien Bücher" ?

Thanks again!!
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