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Nov 2, 2018 22:21
From today on, I will start writing in English everyday. As long as I can keep writing for a long period of time, I think my English ability can increase notably. In the past few months, I have tried different ways to practise English, for example reading newspapers, listening to radio, or watching youtube videos. Thay all gave me a lot of inputs which made my reading and listening ability better. But in contrast to inputs, writing and speaking are outputs, which have always been my weakness. Yesterday I heard a sentence in a video quote "When you want to speak with another human being, you need to have something that is worth listening to." I think this is absolutely correct. Sometimes if you speak with other people, in order to practise your verbal ability. But you lack of vocabulary or stories. The conversation is going to be quite boring. So just speaking is not a very appropriate way or in other words not the only way to enrich your outputs. First of all, you must gather vocabulary and collocations through plenty of reading and listening. Then translate what you have read and listened to into writing materials. When you can write an article like this, then you can surely talk with others.
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