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Oct 24, 2012 00:34
I want to write about everything. About me, my family, friends, house, hobby. But I was afraid. Was afraid - becouse I don't know English, but I must know! I want to prove everybody, that I can do it!
When I have free time I will write about my interests. And I hope, you can help me.

Let's me starts.

My name is Olga. I think, that this name do for me. I'm 23 years old. And I'm very remarkable people!

I was born near to Moscow. The city is called Khimki. Left school and arrived in Russian Internayional Academy for Tourism. I finished study in 2011. English I was studing little bit, because the good teacher didn't get to me. I knew grammar at sufficient level, but I didn't use English many years (6 years) and I forgot everything. And I am tring to remember something now. my lexicon is very small. And some words I must to look for with dictionary.

And now about my life. I was married two years ago. My husband's name is Aleksey. He older me for 7 years. He is an engineer. He does diesel industrial generators. We live in Suncity. City in 40 kilometers from Moscow. We have private big house. My husband's hobby is cars... But not usualy/normal cars. There are special big cars for offroad. He and him friends meet and fo to the forest, or bog, or something place, where normal road is absent. We call it jeep-ing. Before a trip each of drivers of the cars long prepares it for a trip. It's very cool and interesting!

I likes this trips too, but I have not one hobby. My second hobby is aquarian fish. I have four aquarium with different fish. And I wants to buy one more soon. It's very hard hobby, it's true. I have a white cat. Very fun fat and impudent cat! )
My third hobby is cookery. I likes cooking so much! I can cooking whole day non stop. I liketo treat with the dishes everybody. My husband and friends adore my food. And I'm happy.

to be continied...