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Testimonials from My Friends

I'm really grateful for the time Norky takes with their corrections. Norky writes clear explanations for me and if I do happen to have a small question, they answer with such care and patience. I appreciate and love reading their well thought-out comments and encouragement for me to ask questions if I do not understand something. Norky is really amazing and I'm very thankful to have them for a friend! どうもありがとうございます!^^
I appreciate Norky's thoughtful and sincere explanations about appropriate word usage and grammar. I think he/she has been a great help to me since my university doesn't offer Japanese courses over the summer. Norky truly does bring the sensitivities of classroom teaching to Lang-8!
Norky's edits are so incredible- I always aspire to edit others' entries with as much care and consideration as they do for me! Thank you so much, これからもよろしくお願いします!
Norky has, using ENGLISH, helped correct my journal entries where I have practiced translating Japanese (the language I'm studying) into English (my native language). Norky is the bomb diggity!
Norky takes editing people's journals seriously and always provides clear, thoughtful remarks to his/her corrections. Anyway who has the fortune of having their entries corrected by Norky should count themselves very lucky.