Do you agree or disagree with the following statement

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Oct 23, 2012 21:51
In my opinion, i don not agree with the statement that always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship between people.
First of all, telling the truth to friend, to family, to teacher is always a virtue which the society advocate us to do. However, we have to tell some lies some times. I have met a problem that someone asks me about the privacy about the other people which is my best friend. You know, it is not polite to refuse the request of him in China, so i need to tell him a lie to protect my friend's privacy. And i know that a lie which I made it will not have a bad effect on him.
Secondly, some lies are the best answer in the specific circumstance. Once, i have a roommate who had been object by a girl who he loved. My roommate was so upset and play computer all the day without going to class. At that time, i talk to him. I implied a story that the girl is already been in love with another man who is very handsome that you need to try another way to compare with him, and the way is to improve your academic achievement. He walks out from the trouble and went to school again after the word from me.
What's more, in the society, we meet our superior and we seldom tell them what their shortcoming is. We always talk to them wish many praise word instead of the word include his or her shortcoming.
For many reasons and in many situations we have to tell lies or tell the lie is the best way to solve the problems.
So, for these reason, i believe that always telling the truth that it is not most significant consideration in any relationship between people.
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