Kids and Upbringing

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Oct 16, 2012 02:39
Some people believe that children nowadays have too much freedom; others believe that children are protected too much by their parents. In my opinion, due to rapidly changing environment and hectic life, nowadays children have a lot of freedom.
First of all, in modern families often both parents work. That is why nether mother nor father don’t have enough time to spend it with a kid and establish good relationship. If parents didn't explain to their son and daughter what it meansto be a good person”, if they didn't show how much they love their children, then who will? Unfortunately, nanny cannot replace mom. Therefore, due to lack of attention, kids have to dig into the world by themselves.
Furthermore, unimpeded access to the Internet, TV and different video games influences badly on kids’ mind. Often the heroes of different even children’s cartoons are bullies and hooligans. They show bad example, which later is followed by kids. That wouldn't happen if parents attend to their children’s life.
In addition, modern lenient upbringing together with excessive freedom lead to disrespectful attitude to adults. Frequently kids don’t show honor to their teachers. Adults and seniors are not authoritative people for them anymore. Personally I am strongly against physical punishments. However, if kids are rebellious and misbehave, parents should let children understand, that they must respect adults, otherwise they will get in trouble. Of course, there are some parents, who pay a lot of attention to their children’s nurture. But unfortunately, sometimes kids grow up even more spoiled because of overprotection.
All in all, it is a great challenge for parents to foster a child, no matter whether they give much freedom to him or not. Most important thing for a kid is to spend formative years in nuclear family, surrounded by care and love.

Thank you in advance!