Please, make a proofreading! "Success in life"

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Oct 11, 2012 21:28
Some people believe that success in life comes from taking risks or chances; others believe success results from careful planning. As far as I am concerned, people more likely succeed when they plan their lives thoroughly.
The main advantage of careful planning is that person can get exactly what he or she wants. Usually, people who set up long term goals try to break down them into smaller ones, and determine timetable for these secondary goals. Hereby, having a good plan and sticking to it you have an excellent opportunity to get what you want and when you want.
Another reason why I prefer planning is control. People, who don’t have any plans, cannot be sure, that in some time they will be promoted in their job, or will make enough money to buy a new house, or even will have wonderful holydays. At the same time, those who have planned, can control their lives and in case if something goes wrong can react to undesirable events.
Apart from this, as a rule live planners rely on themselves. At the end of their live such people can proudly say, that they did their best and achieved a lot. They don’t have any right to put the blame on destiny and be disappointed, that they didn’t have a good chance to succeed in life. I’m not trying to say, that people, who wait for the chance or often risk cannot be successful. I just think, that there are more people, who got what they want because of hard working, than those, who got a lot because of good luck.
Above all, I strongly believe that careful planning leads to success, and when person has a plan, he or she can easily control his or her live.