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Apr 16, 2013 06:02
Today I had my English lesson and I sat next to a boy.
This boy is a little strange, he has a strange voice and a strange face and he talks a lot, he says a lots of no sense things.
Today our teacher asked us to do an exercise in class, well he copied the anwser at the end of our book. The comincal things was (or is, it is very funny) that while he was coping the answers he did a strange face, as he force himself to think about answers.. It was very funny!!!
After we had to do conversation.. It was horrible!!!!! He did not understand what we had to do so I explained it him but nothing, he did not understand again, I was getting hungry and I started to do something else.. I need to improve I can help someone who copys and does not want to learn because he does not undertake ( non si impegna).
Stupid boy!!!