Good luck to all of us!

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Dec 4, 2018 12:18
I've just had a conversation with my language exchange partner. It was for the first time in a month, so we had lots to talk.

When we were talking about what we should do to improve our language skills, I wanted to say "お互い頑張りましょう" in English, but I didn't came up any expressions in English instantly. Instead, I asked him how would he say it in English.

I also searched online, and I got some ideas, and discussed which one would best suit.

The most suitable one in this case is "Let's do our best!"

When I said the other one that was on the list I'd found on the Internet, my language partner burst into laughter.

I said "Good luck to all of us."

According to him, this sounds like we are just about to go to war.

I learned we need to pick up the right one that is suitable for a situation!