How Do You Express This Feeling?

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May 21, 2016 15:49
I'm posting this because of something that happened to me today and I wanted to know how I should express what I thought about it.

Here's what happened today.
I went to an ENT to see a doctor because both my son and I have been coughing a lot these days. Actually we've been there a couple of times before for the similar symptoms. Today, the doctor told me that my son were getting better while I might need to go through some more check-ups to see what was the real reason to cause me like this. So, he suggested me to have a blood test, which I agreed to do without thinking about it deeply and I did.
After everything was done and I was called for payment, I was really surprised at how much I had to pay! It was three times more than I had expected. So, I asked a receptionist why it costed that high and she told me it was because of the blood test I took. I had no choice but to pay, but I'm still feeling a little bit upset about this because I had no idea that the blood test could cost that much!

Well, I would express this feeling as "悔しい" in Japanese, but I don't quite know if "upset" is actually expressing what I really want to say. If you have any ideas on how you would express this feeling, please leave me a comment! And also, any corrections are welcomed. :)

Thank you for reading!