It's Been Three Months.

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Feb 17, 2015 10:27
My son turns 3-months-old today, and I've decided to take this opportunity to reflect the past three months.

He's grown dramatically since he was born. Three months ago, he could barely see things and he was just crying for milk. However, during the past three months, he's been showing us lots of changes that suprised us so much. The clothes he put on for the first month were out of his size, and he's been regarding his hands as his own hands by looking at them. (This habit is called ”hand regard”.) So, his sights has gotten much wider than before, so he gives me very lovely smiles when he finds the reflections of me and himself in the mirror.

The first month was the hardest. I had to wake up even in the middle of cold night because he wanted to be breastfed every three hours. Now, he gets at lot of sleep throughout the night making me get lots of sleep as well.

I've been enjoying my motherhood. I love to see how he grows. I don't want to miss a single growth of him. However, the other part of me wants him to slow down because he's been growing so fast like I can barely catch up with his fast growth!

Now, I feel really grateful to my parents because I can imagine how they raised me and my older brother!

Oh, this has gotten long again. .
Thank you for reading!