I didn't have a chance to ask her this time :(

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Jul 24, 2014 21:43
*I'm always grateful to you for reading and correcting my posts.
I'd like to learn natural English that native speakers usually use.
So, I like to get my entry corrected into more natural sentenses, and I don't really care even if they are changed a lot. Thanks in advance.

Since I got a comment from one of my friends here saying she sometimes asks her friends in other countries how her English is, I've decided to ask my English teacher how she feels my English.
It seemed awkward for me to ask her because I was worried what if she told me my English was a total mess!
But, these's no such a question as a stupid one, right?

Actually, there're bunch of teachers I can choose from, but I've been taking her lessons because her English is, I think, excellent and I always have fun talking to her.
(Teachers are mostly from Philipine, and some teachers have strong accents, which is a bit cunfusing for me. I chose her as my constant teacher because she sounds like she is indeed an American. I'm not blaming those who have strong accents, though, my English skill isn't that good enough to distinguish how differently a word could be pronounced.:( So, don't get me wrong.)

My teacher is very talkative and open-minded. She never hesitates to talk about her personal thing like relationships. That's one of the things I really like her and it's also good practice for me to speak in a real conversation. Except one thing, though.

Once she starts talking, she keeps talking like she could talk forever. lol

So, I have to interupt her when I want to ask/talk to her, which is a bit awkward for me.

Today, the lesson was so fun and I was able to talk a lot.
I was going to ask how my English was just before the lesson ends.
So, I was preparing to ask in my mind saying "I'd like to ask you how you feel about my English before this lesson is over." However, she seemed to finish our conversation because it was almost running the time! ( I think the topic we talked at this point was wrong. We were talking about her relationship is now about to happen, and this is the topic she loves to talk and can't stop talking.lol)

I just didn't know when to stop her actually, and finally time was over.

I didn't get any chances to ask her. X(

Maybe I should have asked her at the beginning of the lesson, and I've decided to do so next time!


I really like her anyway.














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