Three days holiday ;)

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Jul 20, 2014 13:48

It's beautiful weather today but I don't have any specific plan.
So, I just stick to this computer and spending the time reading posts of other users and correcting some posts.

My mom is out of the house because she has to work until 3 pm.
My dad is off work today but he also stick to his room and playing the guitar.
He likes to play the guitar whenever he has the time, and it seems like he could play it forever. lol
He's a guitar nerd and I'm an English nerd! lol

My husband is still at a camp that a boat club he's a menber of is helding this weekend. He told me he wouldn't come back until mid-night today, so I'm going to stay here tonight as well. He'll pick me up tomorrow.

My brother who lives an hour away from here is visiting tonight. I'm kind of excited because it's been a while sinece we had dinner with just four of us!

As I wrote in the tittle, it's just a middle of the three days holiday. I'm a housewife, so it doen't matter if it's a dayoff or not, though.

We call these kind of holidays as 三連休 (さんれんきゅう san ren kyu), which usually come along weekend.
三 is a kanji meaning "three", 連 expresses something that goes with in a row, and 休means "a break/off." So, 三連休 would be "three day offs" if literally translated.

But, I've never saw/heard someone using this expression, and that led me wonder how you'd say these kind of holidays.

Does "three day offs" make sense to you, or is it more make sense to you to say "three days holiday?

If you have four day offs in a row, you can say "四連休 (よんれんきゅう yon ren kyu) in Japanese. This also applies to five day off and so on if you change the number!