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Feb 27, 2015 07:44
Hi, how are you doing? I hope all of you are doing well.

I usually call my son ”Dai kun” or ”Dai chan” since we named him ”Daiki”, which is ”大樹” in kanji.

”Kun”, ”Chan” and ”San” are kind of like a title we put at the end of the name. I guess it's not as formal as Mr. or Miss in English. ”Kun”, or ”君” in kanji, is usually for boys while ”Chan”, or ”ちゃん” in hiragana, is for girls. As for ”San”, or ”さん”, can be used to anyone. We rarely call somebody's name without putting those titles unless we already know well about them. For children, it's common to use ”ちゃん” or ”君”. However, it doesn't mean they are not for adults. And putting ”さん” is the most polite way.

Anyways, let me go back to my story. The other day, as I called him ”Dai kun” same as usual, I realized something.

Well, the sound ”Dai” is completely same as the sound of an English word ”die”.

I didn't even realize this when we were thinking about how we should name him.

Does it sound strange?