I was an idiot!

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Apr 25, 2018 14:32
I have a bicycle that my father bought me a year ago, but I felt a little strange on my bycicle recently. No matter how hard I padeled it, it moved really slow and even when I shifted the gears, it was really heavy.

I simply thought that was because my son
who was on the backseat got heavier. Sometimes, I rode it alone, then it felt much better, so I thought maybe my son's weight was the problem.

But when I was riding it with my son on the backseat, a man who was also riding a bicycle behind me taught me that I might have a flat tire or maybe the air wasn't enough.

I thanked him a lot because I didn't even imagined that the problem was the tire, not my son's weight! He was the only person who pointed that out for the past few monthes while I didn't even notice what the real problem was. Oh, I was such an idiot.

I just stopped by a bicycle shop to fill up the tires with the air, and it turned out that the man was right. The air wasn't enough.
I didn't know that coming back home was this easy! I really thank the man!
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